Yoga Nidra is... Self-Discovery

I was introduced to Pranayama & Yoga Nidra when I met with an accident 8 years ago. It helped me tremendously with the healing back then. As I got deeper in my own practice and through the course of the Hatha Yoga teacher training, Yoga Nidra became an integral pillar in my journey as the subconscious mind has always fascinated me.

An interest in psychology & self-inquiry led me to pursue a 200-hour Yoga Nidra teacher training with Swami Yogaratna Saraswati. She was initiated by Swami Niranajananda Saraswati, who is the successor of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Pioneer of Satyananda Yoga Nidra & Bihar School of Yoga)

There is a growing need for Yoga Nidra and everyone would benefit from this practice, be it a stressed city-dweller or someone seeking to enhance consciousness. My intention is to be a medium to spread awareness and help practitioners get a clearer understanding of who they really are. 

Yoga Nidra is a beautiful tool for relaxation, healing, self-inquiry, while unlocking our true potential. All it takes is an open mind, yoga mat & Savasana.

Science of Yoga Nidra



Basic & Advanced Yoga Nidra with Psychology



Relaxation | Creative Visualisation | Transformation



70 Hours Teacher Training Course on Yoga Nidra



Wookie Fedsa - Life Coach & Yoga Teacher


Shobhit is an excellent teacher who has a good understanding of yoga nidra theory and practice. He is pragmatic and gives you enough to get you started on your own practice. He is engaging, patient and allows enough space for participants to express themselves. He is also open and willing to answer all questions one may have about yoga nidra and exchange ideas about yogic practises in general. Overall, he will not just get you started but help you to progress your practise like a good teacher should.

Ashwini Kaikini - Yoga & Dance Teacher


Attended the Yoga Nidra workshop over two weekends. The grounding and stability in his voice, and the ease with which he guides you into a deeper state of consciousness, enables you to elevate beyond the physical realm, into a world where everything seems peaceful and attainable. A release from the illusions, on to the more real things in life...
I Definitely recommend his sessions, for an enchanting experience!

Moitreyee Mimi Hazarika - Yoga Practitioner


I attended the Yoga Nidra workshop by Shobhit. I didn't realize how time flew during those two days of the workshop. His knowledge is deep, and his instructions are clear. Thereafter, I have been regularly attending Shobhit's Hata Yoga and Yoga Nidra classes. As a teacher, I find him to be very attentive, grounded, and observant. His classes carry high energy and a nice flow.
Shobhit's dedication to yoga is truly commendable. I highly recommend his yoga and Yoga Nidra classes.

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